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Jamie Harrison


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Let's face it; the 90's were a mess. How to define them?

Well, the 70's was the Hippie movement and peace and love, the 80's bore parachute pants, PAC-MAN, and other archetypal inductions of the video game world, but the 90's? It was a decade of clashing, maundering motifs without a theme to tie them meaningfully together. Flannel shirts, ripped jeans, grunge, rap, pop and everything in between...and WE LOVED IT.

So this weekend and EVERY WEEKEND, we've made it our mission to bring back the unconventional strangeness and freakish capriciousness that is the 1990's. Come along for the trip down memory lane, and hear all of the hits that bring you back to the times of oddness and nonconformity that we all know and cherish; the ALMIGHTY 90's!