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Flights Heading to Winnipeg Re-Routed to Brandon

The wacky weather in Manitoba is not just having an effect on the roads, it's having an effect on the sky! Four flights originally destined for Winnipeg's James Armstrong Richardson International Airport have been re-routed to...[more]


AMM Wants the Province to Look at Almalgamation Process

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities will be represented in court on March 10th. AMM isn't happy with the process that took place with the recent amalgamations.          ...[more]


Nasty weather hitting Westman

Look for some wicked weather to hit Westman today. Environment Canada is calling for up to 2 centimeters of snow, and a risk of freezing rain this morning and winds gusting up to 80 kilometers an hour near the noon...[more]


Where is missing handgun?

Brandon City Police are still looking for a handgun that went missing from a stolen police truck. The truck belongs to the RM of Whitehead Police Service. It was stolen over the weekend while it was parked in the 1 thousand...[more]


8th Street bridge to be given safety inspection

Brandon's 8'th Street bridge remains shut down this morning. A section of the bridge was hit by a garbage truck yesterday and engineers are assessing the damage.Patrick Pulak 's with the city's Engineering Services.He tells CKLQ...[more]


Brandon Mayor Responds to Accident on the 8th Street Bridge

Engineers with the City of Brandon have shut down the 8'th Street bridge until further notice. The closure comes after a garbage truck struck a section of the bridge earlier...[more]


Mayor Has Paid Back Taxes

Brandon Mayor Shari Decter Hirst says back taxes on two properties she partially owes have been paid back. The Mayor says the properties included a martial arts and dance studio on 10th Street and a medical clinic on Rosser...[more]


Minnedosa's New Arena Just isn't Feasible.

After getting a third party review of the concept for the proposed arena in Minnedosa it's just not feasible. Darrell Graham ran for mayor in 2010 and he said then that it couldn't be...[more]


Brandon Police Find Missing Police Vehicle, though it's Missing a Revolver

Brandon Police have found a stolen police vehicle from the RM of White head. It was stolen from the East End of Brandon. It was found abandoned in an alley behind a business on Park Avenue. Brandon police have done a vehicle...[more]


The 8th Street Bridge is Closed until Further Notice

The 8th street Bridge will be closed until further notice! A vehicle collided with the bridge and structural concerns are an issue.  Drivers are asked to avoid the area. Updates will come as more are received. [more]

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