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Weekly crop report shows moisture is needed

15.05.2019 06:21
By: Frank McGwire

Overall seeding progress nearing 50%

Cool conditions persisted early last week in all of Manitoba.  

Spring cereals and peas are 70 to 100% complete across the province. 

Rapid progress has occurred on seeded canola acres, now at 30-60% complete, along with progress in flax, soybeans and sunflowers.
Southwest Region Very little to no rainfall over the past week has producers concerned about dry soil conditions. 

Only 4mm rain reported in Russell area and some localised showers close to Riding Mountain National Park. 

Most of other areas in the southwest region are without good precipitation.   
Cool soil conditions kept some producers out of the field but some seeding progress especially over the weekend.

Overall seeding progress 45 to 50% complete in southwest region. 
Wheat, barley and oats about 80% done.

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