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UPDATE: Viral video in Brandon

09.08.2018 13:09
By: Matthew Higgs

Vinny Lytwyn has filed a complaint at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission

Screenshot of the video posted on Facebook

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - A man accusing a local business owner of making a "racist comment" towards him says he has filed a complaint at the Manitoba Human Rights Commission.

Vinny Lytwyn, 24, says he filed the complaint on Thursday afternoon and is considering filing a police report as well.

QCountry News spoke to Brandon Police about the alleged incident that has been making the rounds on social media for the past few days.

Acting Sgt. Jeff Hoad says they have not received a report about the incident.

QCountry News also reached out to Clay Pot Cafe for a third time.

An employee from the restaurant answered Thursday and said that the owner and manager are away "on vacation."

The owner has not responded to repeated calls from QCountry News in reference to the alleged incident.

The picture below was posted to the Clay Pot Cafe Facebook page, however, the page has since been taken down.


Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - A video posted to Facebook is creating controversy after the poster accuses a Brandon restaurant owner of making a "racist comment".

Vinny Lytwyn, 24, an Indigenous Brandon man is accusing the owner of the Clay Pot Cafe of making a racist comment when he applied for a job at the restaurant Tuesday.

Lytwyn said he posted a video to Facebook recording a conversation between the two.

The 46-second video, was posted online shortly after the incident on Tuesday afternoon.

The video shows Lytwyn's second visit to the restaurant after he was allegedly told by the owner that "We don't hire Indians."

Lytwyn told QCountry News that he recently moved to Brandon after living in Winnipeg, and applied at 30 to 40 different businesses in the city that day.

"When this incident occurred, where she was calling me racist names, I just couldn't handle it," said Lytwyn. "I just had to put it out on blast.

We have reached out to the Clay Pot Cafe for a comment, but they have yet to return our calls.

He also said that in another incident earlier in the day, he went to a West End business to hand in his resume. Lytwyn said as he was leaving, the manager crumpled up the sheet of paper and threw it in the garbage.

"(People) always tell us to 'get a job' or 'stop living off welfare'," said Lytwyn. "But here we are applying for jobs but no one wants to hire us because of the stereotypes that we face."

He said that the whole experience has changed his perspective on the city.

"When I was applying, the way the people look at you and treat you, it's disgusting," said Lytwyn.

In his opinion, "sadly it's not a Brandon thing, it's a Canada thing."

He said he hopes the video will open some people's eyes to what Indigenous people suffer on a regular basis.

"I just hope that people are more open to Indigenous people," said Lytwyn. "We're not the scary savages that society portrays us to be." 

The video has more than 18,000 views and hundreds of shares and comments.

To watch the video, click here.