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Dan Everett

Tips on Eating Healthier

10.03.2014 12:24
By: RJ Lilley

  It's Healthy Eating and Nutrition Month, and Prairie Mountain Health wants to help you eat healthier!


  The theme for this year is "Simply Cook and Enjoy", which is an initiative to encourage you to cook, rather than eat out.  Dietitians with Prairie Mountain Health Karen Larocque and Shauna Woodmass both have tips that may help you eat a little bit healthier.  Larocque says it's all about planning ahead.


  "The intent is to get Canadians back to cooking, and also to try and encourage family members to get in on that as well," says Larocque.  "Coming up with a grocery list and coming up with a menu, and if you invest that time on a Sunday or the beginning of the week, that goes a long way when you're coming home from work and maybe you've got kids that need to get to activities, but if you have a plan in place, and you have the ingredients on-hand, that makes it much easier."


  Woodmass says she knows people in Brandon love their pizza, but why order out when you can make it at home?  She says it's faster, and healthier!


  "Whether it's using pita breads or a flat-bread crust, preferably whole wheat," says Woodmass.  "and if you had bought yourself some grated cheese and some vegetable toppings, some lean ham or lean ground beef, threw it together, that probably is a lot less time."


  Both Larocque and Woodmass agree the key to cooking at home is to make it fun, and get the whole family involved.