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SCAM ALERT: Brandon Police alert residents

09.08.2018 13:03
By: Frank McGwire

Be cautious of two people in a black SUV

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Brandon Police are alerting residents of a new scam involving two people driving in an SUV asking for directions.

Q Country News also received a tip from a woman who wishes to be referred to as Mary G who reported being scammed after two suspects asked her for directions to a church.

"I was sitting outside on the patio and they called me to the vehicle and I thought that's weird," said Mary G.

Police say the incident allegedly happened shortly after 10:00 a.m. Tuesday on the 2200 Block of Queens Avenue.

"After I gave her directions she was so appreciative and wanted to thank me by placing what looked like a gold necklace around my neck," said Mary G.

Mary says she believes that's how the scam works.

"I told her the gift wasn't necessary but before I realized it they had driven off and my gold necklace was gone," said Mary G.

The incident was reported to Brandon Police.

Acting Sgt. Jeff Hoad says there have been no other such incidents called in and while BPS believe it's an isolated case, they say residents should be aware.

"This is the only such case brought to our attention but it is a good reminder for folks to be cautious when approached by individuals even asking for directions or offering to sell property," Hoad said.