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Recent data shows more frequent and severe flood damage

10.01.2019 09:24
By: Frank McGwire

Overland flood insurance now available to Manitobans

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Comprehensive insurance for overland is now available to Manitobans.

Tara Laidman of The Co-operators says the coverage is the only product of its kind in Canada.

Insured protection includes storm surge which is on the rise.

"At this point water claims have now surpassed fire claims as the most expensive and common type of damage to Canadian homes, Laidman said.

However, 94% of Canadians living in high risk flood zones are unaware of their risk.

Climate change may play a part in the frequency and severity of storms according to data from the Co-operators.

"We've seen it contribute to the increase of frequency and severity and we've seen significant and catastrophic flood events including storm surges and overland flooding that's happening on a more consistent basis," said Laidman. 

The Co-operators are using GPS technology to provide personalized flood assessment.

Find out how you can get coverage here.