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Pine Creek School Division in tough spot with tax limit

12.02.2018 16:14
By: Matthew Higgs

School Division having to change plans after funding announcement

Gladstone, MB (CKLQ) - The Pine Creek School Division says it's in a tough spot trying to spend money for the students needs and at the same time run the school division with a requested limit for education property tax increases at two per cent.

The provincial government made the announcement last week.

Superintendent Bruce Lyons says he the government is asking for two different things.

"On one hand, they are asking for us to spend for the students need, but they are also cutting back funding so we can't necessarily do that." said Lyons.

Pine Creek is already facing some hardships since their funding this year won't reflect the increase in enrollment they will see this upcoming year.

Lyons says they had a meeting to address the plan for the budget, but now they will need to talk again after the announcement.

"Now with property taxes capped at 2%, we are going to have some issues." said Lyons.

Lyons says in years past, the community has been very supportive for the school division and are willing to pay more than the 2%.

He said he also took offense from the announcement when they said divisions should think of students first and use the expenses efficiently.

"We have always been thinking students-first and we have used our expenses in a very efficient matter." said Lyons.