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Manitoba Hydro has plans for Brandon plant until 2045

09.01.2019 17:05
By: Brad Gordon

Power grid stabilization unit and two standby natural gas turbines will keep plant in use

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Manitoba Hydro will continue to use its Brandon power plant for decades to come.

The coal burning era ended for the plant quietly over the summer, as the Crown utility converted the coal burning generator into a power stabilizing unit.  The unit serves to maintain the quality of power distributed throughout the region.

Meanwhile, two gas powered generators will remain on stand-by on the site.  They'll be used during extended periods of peak demand, and as backup in the event of any grid disruptions elsewhere in the province.

Hydro spokesman Bruce Owens says there have been instances in the past few years where grid disruptions have required use of the Brandon plant's generating capacity.

Owens says Hydro plans to keep using the plant in these roles until at least 2045.