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Latest census of drownings in Manitoba

23.11.2018 13:37
By: Frank McGwire

Ice thickness factors into statistics

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - A new geographically based drowning report identifies the areas in Manitoba where drownings occurred.  

Broken down into census divisions, Winnipeg had the most number of drownings at 33 or 20%.  

Thompson and North Central Manitoba was next at 29 or 18% followed by Eastern Manitoba at 18 drownings or 11%.

Lifesaving Society Acting CEO Kevin Tordiffe says over 70% of drownings occur in rural areas and over the past 10 years stats show a growing number of those incidents originate in a vehicle other than a boat on the water.

The other major data point in this report is that Indigenous communities were the highest identified location for drownings to occur. 

These communities continue to experience drownings at a higher rate than most locations in Manitoba. 

Private residences is also high on the list of drowning incidents, pointing to drownings in backyard pools, and in the home like bathing drownings.

Knowing the risks is the first step towards good drowning prevention. 

Get educated, be aware, take Lifesaving training, and be safe.