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It's World Suicide Prevention Day

10.09.2019 08:11
By: Harry Callaghan

In Brandon, SPIN offers training on how you can save lives

Image: ©iStockphoto.com/Valentin Casarsa

It's World Suicide Prevention Day, and in Brandon, a public gathering was to be held at the A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex to recognize those who've been working to help save lives.

Nikki Gagnon, with SPIN Brandon - the Suicide Prevention Implementation Network - believes "we are breaking down barriers for asking for help. I think we're bringing a lot more awareness, we're doing more initiatives with a lot more organizations and bringing more attention to them; we're making headway that way for sure."

She says it's not always easy recognizing that someone is hurting.

"Sometimes there are no signs at all, and people don't share what's going on, that's why you always want to do a check in," says Gagnon. "If the person is outgoing, and is always wanting to do activities and suddenly they don't want to go out - and that's okay if they don't want to go out, you've got to respect that too - but you should ask 'that's not really like you, what's going on?'"

Gagnon says another warning sign is a person's drug use. "When you're using, it lowers that threshold for thinking about positives in your life," she says.

Spin Brandon offers training so you can help prevent someone from taking their life, and help them connect to suicide first aid resources.

To register call 204-578-2599, or email spinassistant2019@outlook.com.

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention also has resources available.

Links are available below for SPIN and CASP.