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It's wasp season

10.09.2019 08:27
By: Brayden Hnatiuk/Harry Callaghan

And swatting them just gets them real ornery!

Image: home.bt.com

You may have noticed them all over your food and drinks this past weekend - not your in-laws - but swarms of wasps.

Winnipeg Entomologist Taz Stuart, Director of Tech Operations at Poulin's Pest Control, says the reason is "we got more and more of those queens that survived the winter last year, and conditions were perfect this year for them to really propagate - lots of flowers, lots of warm temperatures, and there was lots of nectar for them, their natural food source".  

Stuart says as the flowers wilt - the wasps that are feeding their late season larvae, come looking for your backyard bar-b-cue.

"You're enjoying the last days of summer, and you've got your sweet drinks, hamburgers, etc - and the wasps are attracted to it, because their natural food sources are disappearing," says Stuart.

He says don't bother swatting wasps - that just gets them REAL mad.

Stuart says there are plenty of products on the market to control wasps from traps and powders - to blasts and foams.