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Heavy police presence slows traffic on Victoria near 1st Street

18.07.2019 12:18
By: Frank McGwire

BPS officers arrest two individuals

Heavy Police presence had traffic slowed down near First Street and Victoria Avenue late this morning.

According to several eye witnesses several Brandon Police vehicles converged on the scene along with the BPS K-9 unit.

BPS arrested at least two people during the incident.

One person, a man who appeared to be in his 20s was handcuffed after being removed from a vehicle BPS officers pulled over.

The other individual was a woman believed to be in her 20s was removed from a vehicle parked in the alley way on the north side of Victoria Avenue near first street.

The origins of what precipitated this police action are as yet unknown.

Calls in to Brandon Police Service requesting a more detailed report have yet to be returned.

A more detailed report of this incident is expected from BPS.