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Jamie Harrison

Federal study needed for Whitewater Lake

12.10.2017 07:24
By: Matthew Higgs

Study would cost $300,000

Deloraine, MB (CKLQ) - Excess moisture from Whitewater Lake continues to be a main topic of discussion among Westman residents and leaders.

In the past several years, plenty of rain and floodwaters have raised water levels on the lake, taking thousands of acres of farmland with it.

MLA for Arthur-Virden, Doyle Piwnuik says they hope they can work with provincial and federal leaders to fix the situation.

They are looking at finding ways to move some water from the lake, and a federal report needs to be completed in order for that to happen. The study would cost $300,000.

"We are hoping RM's put some pressure on the Federal Government in order to get some licensing for it." says Piwnuik.

They want to get this process started immediately, in order to save homes of residents which can be flooded out by more rain or flooding next spring.