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Climate Atlas of Canada shows extreme weather imminent

18.05.2018 06:38
By: Frank McGwire

Manitoba Government provides funding for studies at U of W

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - Noting the importance in dealing with the changes brought by global warming, the Manitoba Government recently allocated $200,000 to the Prairie Climate Centre.

The influx of cash is to support the continued development of the Climate Atlas of Canada.

It's a study which looks at data from 12 global climate models for about 2,000 towns, cities and regions.

Danny Blair of the University of Winnipeg is one of the scientists working on the project, he says according to the models he and his colleagues are working with, we're already facing more severe weather patterns.

"We're getting warmer and we're going to continue to get warmer no matter what we do," Blair said. 

Blair and his colleagues at U of W say we need to be mindful of what lies ahead with changing weather patterns.

"What we need to do is turn the heat down because it comes with risks most of those affect Canada's ever important agriculture sector," said Blair.

Blair notes there are things we can do to offset the drastic weather changes.

"Lightening your carbon foot print and reducing gas emissions are the best ways to start," Blair said. 

To explore the highly informative and interactive Climate Atlas click here