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Class action lawsuit launched for those sterilized against their will

09.07.2019 17:44
By: Brad Gordon

Initial filing claims one woman sterilized in Brandon in 1985, one in Winnipeg last year.

Two Indigenous women say they were sterilized against their will at Manitoba hospitals.

The allegations are part of a class-action lawsuit launched recently.  Their lawyers are seeking a partial publication ban to protect their identities.  The request for the publication bans states the women are concerned about the privacy and security of themselves and their families.

The lawsuit names several defendants, including the Attorney General of Canada, the Government of Manitoba, and five Manitoba health authorities.  It was originally filed June 24.

Court documents allege one woman was sterilized in a Brandon hospital in 1985.  The other was sterilized in a Winnipeg in 2018.

They claim the sterilizations were done against their will and without informed consent.