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Can Brandon expect a warm fall before the snow flies?

09.09.2019 07:22
By: Harry Callaghan

Yes! According to Environment Canada

We're all wondering if we'll see more warm weather, like this past Sunday, before the snow flies.

According to Environment Canada's Natalie Hasell - it's a yes!

"From the 9th of September to the 7th of October, most of Manitoba will see above normal temperatures," says Hasell. 

However, she says rainfall amounts are harder to predict, and "we'll see a number of low and high pressure systems come through that'll give us a lot of variety and variability in our weather over the next while," says Hasell.  

In fact - the forecast for this week calls for clouds, rain and windy conditions - and cooler than normal temperatures. 

But don't get discouraged -Hasell says the average daytime highs for the rest of this month into November will be warmer than normal.