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ALUS Looks to Return to Manitoba Farms

14.07.2016 08:21
By: Will Streilein

There's no better time to bring ALUS back to Manitoba according to the Keystone Agricultural Producers.

Also known as Alternative Land Use Services, the program was launched from a pilot project in the RM of Blanshard in 2006.

President of KAP Dan Mazier tells CKLQ the ALUS program could be exactly what the province needs.

"Government has a lot of challenges ahead of itself, but meanwhile how do we mitigate greenhouse gases? And the Federal government is really pushing the provinces to say 'look come up with a framework.' We're thinking that maybe this might be part of that framework."

Director of Strategic Initiatives with ALUS Lara Ellis says they open to sharing their information with the government and is excited about what the program could do for Manitoba.

"I'm looking forward to discussions on what it could look like. Because with the commitment for a province wide program it's a chance to do something really innovative, something that could be a global leading program. But of course it all depends on what Manitoba farmers want to do and what the government is prepared to do."

ALUS helps to create community developed projects that retain and reconstruct natural areas such as wetlands and grasslands.

Since the initial project 10 years ago other projects have been established in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Quebec.

In 2008 Prince Edward Island adopted ALUS as it's provincial wide program and expanded upon it in 2009.

There is currently one project in Manitoba underway in the Little Saskatchewan Conservation District.