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Alberta man's walk in support of Cancer stops in Brandon today

04.06.2018 11:25
By: Frank McGwire

Jimmy Lefebvre walking from Grand Prairie to PEI in honor of his father

Brandon, MB (CKLQ) - On May 1st, 2018 Jimmy Levebvre made a major decision that will help spread awareness and raise funds for those affected by cancer.

After seeing various members of his family deal with cancer first hand, Jimmy reached the ultimate pivotal point is his life.

"Over the years I've watched a few family members go through it but it wasn't until I was sitting at my dad's bedside watching the man who is basically my hero wither away from the disease," Lefebvre said.

His dad's passing was the catalyst to  start the Lefebvre Foundation and embark on his walk.

"I started May 1st from my parents’ doorstep in Grande Prairie AB en route to Tignish, PEI where my Dad was laid to rest with my Grandparents, as he wished" said Lefebvre.

His plan is to arrive at his father's grave site Aug 31, 2018, which would’ve been his Dad’s 72nd birthday.

Lefebvre has been logging roughly 46 kilometers each day in all kinds of weather conditions.

"Friday was a little miserable because it was a headwind and rain but Saturday it wasn't too too bad because it was raining a little bit still but there was a nice tail wind," Lefebvre said.

During his trek he's received plenty of support both through words of encouragement and cash donations.

Lefebvre is being followed by family members who are in a vehicle and have info cards prepared to hand out for those motorists who stop to inquire about the walk.

After leaving from Alexander earlier this morning, Lefebvre and company hope to be in Brandon later this afternoon.

To find out more about the Lefebvre Foundation's Can-Survive Walk 2018 please click here.